• A string is a sequence of characters.
  • Strings are typically enclosed in double quotes (unlike chars, which are individual letters of the alphabet enclosed usually in single quotes).
  • Declaring strings:
      1. You can declare and initalize a string using the following syntax: string varname = "your string here";
      1. You could also declare a string as a chracter array: char varname[] = "string"
      1. You can spell out the individual characters when using the array-based declaration: char varname[] = {'E','S','3,'0','1'}
      1. You could also declare a string with a pointer to a string: char* varname = "DSA-2";
      In all cases, you can print the string using cout as usual.
      Note that char* is a pointer to a constant string literal, and it is more appropriate to use the following: const char* varname = "DSA-2"; as opposed to what is written above. This particular type of declaration gives us immutable strings.